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looking back: just a few faves

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boca style

I like long urls better

Short urls have become the new way of linking thanks to Twitter and though I'm not really crazy about the concept, I decided that if I need to use short urls to automagically show various i.webthings updates in my Twitter feed (using Twitterfeed), I might as well use my own domain to personalize it a bit. So here's some iwebthin.gs pointers to the iwebthings...

  • http://iwebthin.gs/iwebthings
  • http://iwebthin.gs/simplypersonal
  • http://iwebthin.gs/dailywebthing
  • http://iwebthin.gs/coolstop
  • http://iwebthin.gs/agelessproject
  • http://iwebthin.gs/jenettphoto
  • http://iwebthin.gs/dailypointers
  • http://iwebthin.gs/iTweetThings
  • http://iwebthin.gs/mobilemarks
  • http://iwebthin.gs/noPopunders
  • http://iwebthin.gs/colorspeak
  • Whatever... ;-))

    resource roundup (2)

    An assortment of resources and tools from the archives of the dailywebthing...

    Icons Mobile Color

    “A ridiculous but amusing person.” I have a decent information system in place and it tells me that buffoon fits that definition. While recent politics have been most entertaining, I'm sorry to report that ridiculous is anything but presidential.

    To those who chose to put Trump in the White House, your voices have been heard. Each of us is free to choose and I respect your right to your opinion. There's you and me. Us and them. Black and white. Red and blue. We're divided and we definitely disagree and though you win this time, the entertainment will surely continue as we all discover how your choice works out for you.

    Real leaders are hard to find.

    Shysters come easy, especially when they say what you're dying to hear, but their actions provide a whole different story (if you're paying attention).