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a brief introduction

"Oh, no! Not another webthing!"

Hi there. I'm Joe Jenett and I've been around the web for about 16 years now.

My oldest existing website just turned 13-years-old this month, though it's been resting for the last few months. Half of my other sites and projects have been online for 9½-11 years and a number of the webthings are still updated on a regular basis, several of them daily. Others are in various states of rebirth or reinvention. Yes. I guess I'm a bit nuts but this is what I do.

The web has changed drastically over the years. So has technology, design, and development. I've got many ideas in these areas as they relate to my own web and the web at large and am looking forward to more effectively sharing my thoughts – hope to see you again soon.

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A redesign (and the rebirth) of jenett.photo is in progress - please pardon our dust.

I savor the sounds of an orchestra in a memory of an ocean far away. She and I both loved that place. Life is full of missed experiences and experiences we miss (two different things). Change can be both a problem and a solution.

The wind sings as the sun hits your forehead and you become transformed. What seemed so hopeless a moment ago becomes a new dream. Victims become survivors. Disappointments become new hopes. We can become something new, refreshed...